Introducing Planet of Kind’s New Colored Cone-Shaped KN95 Masks!

Introducing Planet of Kind’s New Colored Cone-Shaped KN95 Masks!

Here at Planet of Kind, we understand that the perfect fit is integral to not only the comfort of your mask but its overall effectiveness. This is why we’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to our catalog - our colored KN95 masks now in a sleek and slim cone-shaped design! This new design is the perfect KN95 mask option for those with smaller or narrower faces, ensuring our mask collections cater to everyone!

The Importance of the Fit of Your KN95 Mask

A snug and secure seal is essential when we want to maximize our protection, minimize our exposure, and truly get the most out of our masks!

We want to avoid a fit that creates gaping between the mask and the wearer’s face, as well as one that’s uncomfortable and will urge us to constantly adjust our mask. We want our KN95 masks to stay secure, snug and in place for the duration of our wearing them, making long-lasting comfort and an optimal fit just as important as the KN95 mask’s filtration efficiency.

Think, if you’re wearing a mask that’s uncomfortable and makes you want to constantly adjust and move it around, how much air is escaping or getting in? How much is that KN95 mask actually protecting you?

So, when you're checking how a mask fits, think about it like shopping for clothes. You have a go-to size that you know will cater to your body shape, and also know which sizes to avoid so that you aren’t accidentally sporting crop tops in the office or capri pants in the dead of winter. If your usual pant size is XL, you know that buying them in an XS won’t do you any good, and it’s the same deal with masks. Even if a mask is top-notch with a 95% filtration rate, it won't do much if it doesn't match your face size and shape. Your mask should be snug and comfy, so you're not messing with it all the time or dealing with big gaps.

Recognizing the diverse range of face shapes among our awesome customer community, we're dedicated to providing options that cater to your uniqueness. Our new cone-shaped design option was inspired by your feedback, because, let’s face it, one size can’t rule them all! We’re working hard to make sure everyone gets top-notch protection that suits their individual-ness without sacrificing their comfort or style. So if you’ve got a smaller face and struggle with gaping or discomfort while wearing traditional KN95 masks, then our cone-shaped mask design is for you!

Tailored KN95 Protection in Every Hue

Our team at Planet of Kind has made it their mission to prove that personal protection does not have to be dull. This is why we’ve created a vibrant color palette of 15 unique colors for our cone-shaped KN95 mask design! 

Why settle for a boring, standard KN95 mask when you can express your style and personality with a pop of color? From classic neutrals to bold and vibrant shades, there's a hue for every taste and occasion.


Three Fun KN95 Bundles to Choose From

To jazz up your decision-making, we've put together three cone-shaped KN95 bundles featuring a mix of colors. Whether you're all about matching your outfits or just vibing with different moods, our bundles make it easy to mix it up while aligning with your unique aesthetic.


Join Planet of Kind in Redefining Personal Protection

At Kind, we prioritize both protection and style. Our Colored Cone-Shaped KN95 Masks are designed with your comfort in mind, ensuring a perfect fit for those with narrower or slimmer faces. They are a testament to our commitment to the optimal protection, comfort, and uniqueness of our communities.

With a rainbow of colors and convenient bundles, we invite you to embrace both safety and self-expression. Because when it comes to protection, a customized fit is the first step towards a safer and more stylish tomorrow!