KIND Bundles Announcement

KIND Bundles Announcement

Calling all creatives in search of a little pizzazz and minimalists in need of some aesthetic goodness! Look no further because Planet of Kind’s got you covered with Kind KN95 Mask Bundles. With KN95 mask collections tailored to suit everyone's taste, we've got something for all you trendsetters out there!

Say goodbye to boring KN95 masks and hello to a new way of expressing yourself. Kind Mask was brought into this world to bring unique individuals like you exclusive and fashionable KN95 mask choices. We understand that protection is paramount, but why settle for anything less than stylish? With Kind Mask, you can have it all – optimal protection without sacrificing your unique flair.


Craving a touch of understated elegance and chic simplicity? Then the Kind Neutral Bundle is for you! These KN95 masks are the epitome of refined sophistication, allowing you to make a statement without saying a word. With the Kind Neutral Bundle, you'll exude an aura of effortless cool and timeless charm. So don't hold back—rock these sleek and stylish KN95 masks with confidence, and let your understated allure shine like a beacon of effortless chic. Get ready to leave a lasting impression with the Kind KN95 Mask Neutral Bundle!


Ready to make a statement that screams "I'm here and I'm fabulous"? Look no further than the Kind Vivid Bundle. It's time to unleash your inner burst of energy and embrace the power of bold and bright colors. Our Vivid Bundle KN95 Masks are like a burst of confetti, adding an instant pop of vibrancy and excitement to your look. With the Kind Vivid Bundle, you'll turn heads, spark conversations, and radiate unapologetic confidence. Let your true colors shine and dive into the electrifying world of the Kind Vivid Bundle. Get ready to paint the town red, pink, orange, and every shade in between with your new favorite KN95 masks!


Ready to dive into the realm of whimsical and enchanting vibes? Say goodbye to your search because we've got just the thing for you: the delightful Kind Pastel Bundle! Step into a charming wonderland where KN95 mask colors are soft, dreams are woven, and magic is in the air. These KN95 masks will transform your look into something light, dreamy, and oh-so-pretty. So go ahead, embrace your inner dreamer and indulge in the delightful pastel hues of the Kind Pastel Bundle. Let your levels of protection soar and your personal style shine!


Get ready to embark on an epic adventure and infuse your personal flare with the Kind Explore Bundle. Elevate your style and reconnect with nature's palette with these earthy-toned KN95 masks, making a statement that screams, "I'm ready for anything!" Embrace the refreshing vibes and let your adventurous spirit shine through with the Kind Explore Bundle. Conquer the world, one adventure-inspired KN95 mask at a time! 


It's time to bring a touch of glam to your everyday essentials. Get ready to take your style game to new heights while keeping yourself protected in the lap of luxury! Introducing the sensational Kind Rich Bundle – the perfect way to add a touch of glam to your everyday essentials. Now you can strut your stuff with confidence, turning heads with your impeccable fashion sense and staying safe in the most stylish way possible. Never settle for ordinary, darlings! Embrace the extraordinary with the Kind Rich Bundle and let your fabulousness shine through!


Ready to add a touch of sass and playfulness to your protective gear? Say hello to the Kind Blush Bundle, designed to keep you safe while rocking a flirty and fun vibe. With the charming designs and playful colors of these KN95 masks, you'll be the life of the party while keeping yourself safe and stylish. So go ahead, embrace your sassy side, make a statement, and let the world know that staying protected doesn't mean sacrificing fun and fashion. Get ready to flirt your way through any situation with the Kind KN95 Mask Blush Bundle!


Perhaps you’re looking for the whole enchilada and want a bundle that gives you everything. We knew it, and we’ve got your back with the Kind Unity Bundle! All 30 KN95 mask colors are included in this collection, making it the ultimate option for a trendsetter like you! Elevate your personal style by curating a diverse collection of KN95 masks that match every mood, outfit and occasion. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant shades or subtle and elegant tones, the Kind Unity Bundle allows you to express yourself through a rainbow of possibilities!

At Planet of Kind, we prioritize quality, comfort and personal style. Our KN95 masks are crafted using premium materials that ensure a comfortable fit throughout the day. The breathable fabric allows for easy airflow, making them suitable for extended wear, whether you're at work, running errands, or simply enjoying a day with your pals!

Our Kind KN95 Mask Bundles stand as a testament to our commitment to offering the best variety and the most vibrant color options on the market. We believe that staying protected should never mean compromising on style, and our colorful KN95 masks effortlessly merge functionality with fashion. With our Kind KN95 Mask Bundles, you can confidently navigate the world, knowing that you are safeguarding your health while making a bold statement that aligns with your lifestyle! Explore our diverse range of hues and embrace a new era of protection that promotes individuality and personal expression. 

With the exception of the Kind Unity Bundle, each of Kind’s Bundles comes prepackaged and contains 5 packs of 5 pieces, each in a different color. A total of 25 masks are included in each bundle. 

The Kind Unity Bundle comes with a total of 150 adult KN95 masks and includes every color available.